PHPM672 Data Science for Health Services Research (Spring 2020)
PHPM677 Data Science in Public Health (Spring 2020)


  • [1/16] I have posted slides from the lecture on 1/16;
  • Note that lecture notes will get posted after the first lecture on the topic.
  • Office hours: M/W 3-5pm in the comptuer lab.
  • Lab: F 4-6pm in the comptuer lab
  • Some links do not work at this time. Links will be updated as we go.

Schedule (Tentative)

Week Dates Lecture Labs Assignments DUE Readings (For class)
1.1 01/14 Intro to data science I Intro to programming A1 None None
1.2 01/16 Variables & Expressions Vars A2 & Lab2 A1 CH 1; CH 3
2 01/21 & 01/23 Variables & Expressions II
Coding Midpoint email (THUR) Ch 3; Ch 4.1-4.11;Optional 1
3 01/28 & 01/30 Conditionals Coding A2/L2 (THUR) Ch 3; Ch 4.1-4.11;Optional 1

Reading Assignment

Remember to post your reading log on blackboard before each class.
3 interesting points (facts you learned) & 1 opinion.

[I] Internet: search online, find, and read
[L] Link: click on the link
[A] Article: get from the library, usually available on ejournal format

Supplemental Material

A good resource for learning SAS data management .

Optional 1: Variables, Expressions, & Conditionals (Lec 2-3)